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Phosphate content maintenance and optimization in soils is one of most important aspects of modern agriculture. It constitutes foundation of fertilization system and is critical for harvests sustainability in changing climatic conditions.

There are no natural sources of phosphate replenishment in soils in quantities required by modern agriculture.

Shortage of phosphates in soil slows growth and ripening/maturing of crops. Insufficient phosphate in soils causes loss of nitrogen during application of nitrogen fertilizers. Overapplication of nitrogen fertilizers cannot compensate for lack of phosphates in soils and may produce toxic crops.

Optimal phosphorus supply to plants increases harvest and its quality and accelerates maturity/ripening. Sufficient supply of phosphorus improve crops’ tolerance to draught and frost, resistance to diseases.

For cereal crops, minimal mobile phosphate content in soils starts from 30mg per 1 kg of soil. Higher yield crops should require bigger concentrations. Optimal content ranges from 80 to 200 mg/kg. 

Chilisai Rock can be applied on all types of soils with pH < 8.0. On soils with pH < 6.0 it will serve as an acidity neutralisation agent. On neutral and lightly alkaline soils it can be activated by application of acidic agents such as ammonium nitrate and animal manure. Combination of application of phosphate rock, once in 3-5 years, and periodical application of ammonium sulphate is especially recommended for legumes, nuts, and oil crops.

Phosphate rock can be applied during tillage as a core phosphate fertilizer. Recommended application rate for Chilisai Rock is 1.0-3.0 tonnes per hectare, once in 3 to 4 years.

Phosphates delivered by phosphate rock are not washed with precipitation or irrigation waters. Fertilizing action will last few years. Mobile phosphate activation may be accelerated by usage of acidic reaction agents.

Chilisai rock does not have any toxic effect on soil and ground waters. It has curing effect on depleted and acidic soils, by neutralising acidity and improving structure and porosity of soils.

For many usage cases Chilisai Rock can serve as a reasonable low-cost replacement of superphosphate and ammoniated phosphates. It can certainly substitute lime application on acidic soils with low phosphate content, alowing savings on both phosphate fertilizers and lime. 


Temir Service LLP offer shipment of 17% Chilisai Direct Application Rock Phosphate (CHILISAI DAR) by rail from RZD 315 rail station in Aktobe Oblast in Kazakhstan. Forms of shipments:

  • Bulk in closed top hopper railcars;
  • 25 kg bags;
  • 50 kg bags;
  • 1 metric tonne soft containers (“big bags”).


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