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Temir Service LLP has commenced phosphate rock mining in 2008.

In 2010 the company has launched its milling and loading complex for for grinding and shipping of phosphate rock at Chilisai Deposit in Aktobe region of Kazakhstan. The Chilisai Rock Phosphate, as a fertilizer, has been included in the list of domestic fertilizers, supported by state subsidies system.

The Chilisai Rock, as a fertilizer, has been sold to farmers in Kazakhstan and Russia in South Siberia. Farmers in North Kazakhstan and Russian south Siberia has consistently used Chilisai rock as a main phosphate fertilizer for the past seven years.

Certain quantities of Chilisai Rock have been shipped to Russian Volga Region, Urals, Belorussia, and Estonia.

The Chilisai Rock has been long known in FSU as direct application phosphate rock due to its unique digestibility by crops, and practical absence of toxic components. Back in 1970s the Chilisai Rock has been included in the state standard GOST 5716-74 for direct application rock, in a special note by name, as a reflection of its unique availability of phosphate nutrient.


Temir Service LLP offer shipment of 17% Chilisai Direct Application Rock Phosphate (CHILISAI DAR) by rail from RZD 315 rail station in Aktobe Oblast in Kazakhstan. Forms of shipments:

  • Bulk in closed top hopper railcars;
  • 25 kg bags;
  • 50 kg bags;
  • 1 metric tonne soft containers (“big bags”).


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