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PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Powder of grey or grey-brown color, not caking, not hygroscopic, easy screening, moisture content no more than 1.5%


 (Р2О5), not less than   17,0
 СаО  31,0
 МgО  0,6
 Fе2O3  2,1
 Аl2О3  2.3
 СО2  3,9
 К2О + Nа2О  1.6
 SiO2  33,0
 SO3  1.5

  • improves yields;
  • accelerates ripening;
  • weakens acidity, improves soil structure;
  • used as base of N-P-K compounds, organic fertilizers, including composts made of manure or peats;
  • does not pollute soil, groundwater, and water bodies with toxic substances;
  • does not harm the environment, plants and animals, regardless of the dosage of application




Manufacturer: Temir Service LLP

sales contact: Natalia Solokolova

tel.: +7 7132 55 44 05

mob.: +7 701 570 95 11

e-mail: n.sokolova@chilisai.com


Chilisai direct application phosphate rock (“Chilisai DAR”) is a high efficiency, environmentally friendly, slow release mineral phosphate fertilizer.

It can also be used as a soil improver on acidic and neutral soils.

It is produced by grinding of upgraded nodular phosphate rock of Chilisai Phosphate Deposit (Aktobe oblast, Republic of Kazakhstan)

The grinding is performed using vertical shaft impact autogenous mill with air classification. This grinding technology includes mechanical (micro-cracks) and electrostatic activation of ground rock particles.

DAR, besides the main nutrient P2O5, contains calcium, sulfur, magnesium, and wide range of microelements: Fe, Zn, Mn, K.

The application of phosphate rock in quantities from 0.5 to 3.0 t per hectare will produce economic and agronomic effect, increase of mobile phosphorus content in soil, and positive phosphorus balance in typical crop rotations over a long (3-7 years) period of crop cultivation.

The application of Chilisai DAR, combined with physiologically acidic nitrogen fertilizers, decreases natural nitrogen loss in soil, thus creating conditions for decrease of nitrogen fertilizers application rate.

Chilisai DAR is used in all types of soils with low content of available phosphorus. It is especially effective in acidic soils and in irrigated agriculture.

Phosphate flour is applied as the bulk fertilizer prior to autumn and spring tillage (ploughing, cultivation, etc.) at a dose of 1.0-3.0 t/ha every 3-5 years. Application is made by mechanical spreading over field surface, using centrifugal or (better) lead screw rod machines, and subsequent embedment by ploughing or cultivation.

The Chilisai DAR may be used for making of soil composites for greenhouses. The recommended dosage is 5-15 kg of Chilisai DAR per 1 tonne of soil composite.

Main agrotechnical properties of Chilisai DAR:

  • facilitates fertility of all types of crops and accelerates ripening;
  • improves tolerance to drought and freeze;
  • stimulates root system development, boosting supply of nutrients and moisture to crops;
  • improves quality of agriculture produce;
  • weakens soil acidity, which is typically harmful to crops and microorganisms;

Chilisai DAR is shipped in

  • bulk in hopper cars, or
  • packed in 50 kg bags or 1 tonne ‘big bags’.

Approved for use in Organic Agriculture



Temir Service LLP offer shipment of 17% Chilisai Direct Application Rock Phosphate (CHILISAI DAR) by rail from RZD 315 rail station in Aktobe Oblast in Kazakhstan. Forms of shipments:

  • Bulk in closed top hopper railcars;
  • 25 kg bags;
  • 50 kg bags;
  • 1 metric tonne soft containers (“big bags”).


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