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The phosphate rock can be applied during tilling prior to planting.

Application rate is 100-200 g per 1 square meter for one season crops, and 200-500 g per each planting hole for perennial crops.

Addition of phosphate rock is especially recommended for preparation of all sorts of composts. For example, dosage of 20-50 kg per tonnes is recommended for composts based on sour peat or animal manure.  Wet poultry droppings, which may be toxic to crops if directly applied, can be neutralised by phosphate rock and dried, thus resulting in high efficiency natural organic fertilizer. 


Temir Service LLP offer shipment of 17% Chilisai Direct Application Rock Phosphate (CHILISAI DAR) by rail from RZD 315 rail station in Aktobe Oblast in Kazakhstan. Forms of shipments:

  • Bulk in closed top hopper railcars;
  • 25 kg bags;
  • 50 kg bags;
  • 1 metric tonne soft containers (“big bags”).


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